My Writing

SKULLRUNNER (YA Fantasy, completed!)

Evazina Bly has no reason to mourn when the Zarcanzi are slain. The family of aristocratic mages conquered her homeland, ended the democracy, and banned all theater after Eva’s playwright parents wrote shows that challenged the regime. Now, with the rebels of the Golden Guard in power, Eva can finally pursue her dreams as an actress.

But the Zarcanzi magic doesn’t die with them. Instead, new mages appear at random. Eva receives the power of the Skullrunner: a mage who can teleport between the sites of recent deaths. As her homeland sees all mages as inherently evil, she’s forced into hiding. There, she assumes the role of the new mages’ fearless, single-minded leader. Students and servants with new magical gifts join her in the fight to prove their powers can be used for good. While outwardly confident, Eva feels like she’s only playing a part and yearns for the life and love she left behind.

Eva and her friends kill a monster that’s attacking the capital, taking a first step to regaining the public’s trust. The commander of the Golden Guard makes them an offer: if they swear loyalty to him, Eva can return to the stage. But the Guard is using increasingly-violent means to control the people, and Eva soon feels compelled to denounce them. Worse, the deaths of the Zarcanzi have left her homeland vulnerable to a legendary enemy. When the Guard takes her theater troupe hostage for her good behavior, Eva must either become their silent pawn, or trade her stage career to fight for freedom—and survival.


SILK FIRE (Adult Fantasy, in edits!)

A fading god anoints Koré, a courtesan, as the last source of magic. But he’d rather plot revenge on the aristocrat father who abandoned him on the street than shapeshift into a dragon and breathe life into the dying world. If the imperial throne knew of his power, he’d be enslaved and forced to breed dragon children.

The defences Koré’s built from years of sex work help him control his shapeshifting—which manifests whenever he expresses his true feelings—until two demanding strangers march into his brothel. Ria, a fun-loving adventurer, needs Koré’s help investigating suspicious diplomats within the imperial court. Faziz, a gang leader, provides valuable underworld support to Koré’s conspiracy. Both hold tools Koré needs to prove his father’s ties to necromancers, destroying his political career and satisfying Koré’s vendetta. But as they cross civilizations, confront corrupt bureaucrats, and seduce support from royal heirs, Koré falls into a love that weakens his ability to hide his true, scaled self.

His instincts urge him to hurt himself and his loved ones, all to keep his feelings at bay. But when an ally’s betrayal raises an army of the dead, Koré must jeopardize his freedom and his vengeance both to fight beside the woman and the man he’s finally let himself love—as only the bright truth of dragon’s fire can free the dead from their chains.



WAR OF THE HOMECOMING KINGS (YA contemporary, with betas!)

Jeremy Harkiss, cheer captain and SGA president, lives the perfect charmed life. Yes, he’s just come out to the school as a transgender boy, and yes, he publicly dumped his boyfriend of three years this summer, but fear and loneliness are feelings for losers. Instead of moping or collapsing in a dysphoric heap, he’ll prove his masculinity to the school—and how better than challenging his ex-boyfriend in the election for Homecoming King?


Lukas Wong, running back and head of the Homecoming Committee, knows his world is collapsing around him. His brother died this summer, his family is falling apart, and the girlfriend he thought would always stand beside him was actually the boy who ditched him in his lowest moments. Homecoming is the one thing he can control, and he won’t let Jeremy Harkiss get away with both breaking his heart and stealing his crown.


As the two boys fight for the school’s votes, the fallout of their campaigns—and their breakup—quickly turns toxic for their friends, family, and themselves. Even in their progressive suburb, Jeremy flamboyant campaign style draws bullies and Lukas’s struggle to control his chaotic life get him embroiled in a school-wide cheating scandal. As the dance grows nearer, and the consequences of their increasingly-wild stunts pile up, they find themselves dateless, in detention, and on the verge of getting the dance cancelled for good. But to save Homecoming, they’ll have to confront the vulnerabilities they’re both hiding—and the romantic feelings neither can deny.